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Project Description
DXUT is a "GLUT"-like framework for Direct3D 11.x Windows desktop applications; primarily samples, demos, and prototypes.

Supported platforms:
  • Windows desktop
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista Service Pack 2 with KB 971644
  • Windows Server equivalents of the above


DXUT is being provided as a porting aid for older code that makes use of the legacy DirectX SDK, the deprecated D3DX9/D3DX11 library, and the DXUT11 framework. It is a cleaned up version of the original DXUT11 that will build with the Windows 8.x SDK and does not make use of any legacy DirectX SDK or DirectSetup deployed components.
  • The DXUT framework is for use in Win32 desktop applications. It not usable for Windows Store apps on Windows 8.x or Windows RT. It does not support Windows phone or Xbox One.
  • This version of DXUT only supports Direct3D 11, and therefore is not compatible with Windows XP or early versions of Windows Vista.

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